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Teachers of the dance school 'Salsabor a Cuba'

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Teachers Chino and Yaneyvis
Teachers Chino and Yaneyvis

Erik, also called Chino (Erik Morales Gámez) 

Studies of classical ballet (starting at the age of 9 years):
1999-2004  Vocational school of Arts José Guai in Camagüey
2004-2009  Senior high school of Arts Vicentina de La Torre in Camagüey
2004-2008  Additional formation in the Folcloristic Ballet of Camagüey
2009-2011  Professional dancer performing dance shows with various dance companies in the province of Camagüey and Havana
2011-2013  Dance teacher in the dance school 'Casa del Son' in Havana

Since 2013  Director and dance teacher in my dance school 'Salsabor a Cuba' in Havana


Yaneyvis (Yaneyvis Padrón Gonzalez)

2006-2010  Studies in the school of arts Eduardo García Delgado in the specialty of dance

2010-2013  Dance teacher for salsa and other popular dances for children

From 2013 to 2017  Dance teacher in the dance school 'Salsabor a Cuba' in Havana