Group dance classes (if you come with min. 5 students)

Team of dance school Salsabor a Cuba

We consider a group if you come with a minimum of 5 students who have approximately the same level in the requested dance (beginner, intermediate or advanced). In this case, the price is 16 USD per person per hour and the group can rely on a couple of main teachers and an assisting instructor for each student who does not have a dance partner

For optimal progress, we recommend a course of 10 hours (e.g. 2 hours a day for 5 days) for a reduced price of 140 USD per course and person. This offer is valid for all dances taught in our school.

In order to guarantee the requested time for your lessons, we would appreciate if you could send us the online request form for the group dance classes in advance.

Online request for group dance classes

Please fill in this form for group dance classes and submit your request. We will normally reply within 24 hours.

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