Spanish course

We also offer Spanish courses for all levels with an experienced teacher for a price of 18 USD per person and hour. The price for a course of 10 hours (e.g. 2 hours a day for 5 days) is reduced to 160 USD per course and person. 


This is one of our several additional options that help enrich your understanding on our cultural heritage. Our main teacher speaks English, Russian and some German

article about learning Spanish and Cuban salsa together

Please find below an article written by Chino (Erik Morales Gámez), the owner of 'Salsabor a Cuba' about how learning Spanish can enrich your dancing of Cuban salsa and enhance your understanding of the Cuban culture.

The article was published in a Russian magazine in August 2014 and is available to download and to read it online (in English and Russian).

Adobe Acrobat Document 519.5 KB

Article as it was published in the Russian magazine: