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Hello Gina, you are a really good dance teacher!!! We had a wonderful time at Salsabor and learned so much in just ten hours! We hope we will be back as soon as possible. Thank you, all the best for your school, greetings to Guapo.
Grit and Joe from Leipzig, Germany / october 2016

”Fantastic classes with attention to detail”
Reviewed January 8, 2016 by Mikey S (visited January 2016)
I took ten hours of class, mostly men style. The beauty of this place is that you can feel comfortable learning exactly what you want with great teachers who are flexible yet detail oriented. Great experience

”Great place to take classes!”
Reviewed September 7, 2015 by EmilyKOM, Los Angeles, California (visited August 2015)
I was recently in Havana and took 4 hours of private salsa classes here. I had Amed as my teacher. He was amazing - very clear and patient. He spoke perfect English which helped too! My salsa moves definitely improved over the 4 hours...not to mention I had a lot of fun!

”Dancing salsa with rigor, passion and savor”
Reviewed August 16, 2015 by Bertrand959 (visited July 2015)
I recently returned to Cuba 15 years after my previous stays. It was quite an emotional comeback enriched with a kind of new social perspective. 
In Havana, I decided not only to contact my former friends but also to make new ones. I wanted also to experience another activity. This is how I approached Salsabor a Cuba. I am very glad I did it. Dance-wise as social-wise, I enjoyed very much the experience. 
I took 12 hours classes with Daymara - devoted mainly to salsa. Thanks to her amazing technical and didactic skills, I progressed well daily only to feel that I could progress further with some more time and efforts. 
I had previously gone through a couple of latino dancing courses in Cuba and in Switzerland. The experience with Salsabor is definitely my best of its kind. The only challenge for me is to 'fix' or retain the fresh body of knowledge acquired within a short period of time with Salsabor. 
Social-wise, the Salsabor team is great. I felt very quickly part of their dancing family which made also my departure quite difficult for me. Never mind, that's life. 
The only point of improvement is the dancing premises. Gladly, Salsabor team is working on another location. 
I will not discuss whether Salsabor is the best dancing school in Havana or not. I simply wish to emphasize that these young and dynamic people do very well to share their passion and their technique. This is far enough for you to know, to try and to enjoy!

”Loved every minute of it!”
Reviewed June 30, 2015 by syausyau (visited June 2015)
I was taking 2-hour classes of Cuban rumba at this school almost daily for 3 weeks. Excellent school with great atmosphere created by fun, knowledgeable and experienced instructors. I learned a lot from the best dancers in Havana and made new friends. They are fun both in class and on the dance floor at night. I feel so lucky that I chose this school and got Chichi as my main instructor - he is patient, shows and explains well. I learned a lot of moves in every class, yet it was never boring and he always adjusted the class to just the right level of difficulty on the days when I was more or less tired and focused. Classes with Chino and Daymara were equally great. I loved every minute of my experience there and hope to come back again very soon.

”A lot of fun and so much to learn!”
Reviewed June 23, 2015 by bbf3562 (visited June 2015)
I took 10 hours lesson as discount package for 4 days. Daydum is my dance instructor for Cuban Salsa. She only know some basic English but she very patience and very knowledgeable. She was very picky about dancing technique and will always correct my error minor steps because she care about and wanted to make sure I dance the correct way. I really enjoyed learning from her and would take class again when I return. The faculty is very small and very hot. You would need to bring towel and water!

”Learned a Ton”
Reviewed April 14, 2015 by Joe E (visited March 2015)
I took classes over the course of three weeks with Lisandra Garcia Rodriguez and learned a ton. She was patient and dedicated to helping me learn and spoke good English. The lessons were all individualized and focused on areas that I needed to improve. The style of teaching was very structured and progressive, so I was able to consistently build on what I was learning. I have been dancing LA style and casino took some focus and dedication to pick up. I was able to film some of my lessons and it has been helpful to review the moves that I learned. Lisandra and the other teachers at this school were very enthusiastic about dancing salsa and a number of other styles and I saw them frequently at salsa venues around town.

”The best salsa classes in Havana”
Reviewed March 12, 2015 by kristian943 (visited January 2015)
After 100 hours dancing lessons with teachers from Salsabor a Cuba I can say that I had my best holiday ever. Great teachers with a lot of experience on the field and a lot of patience special with me in my first hours when I could not move my feet on dancing floor. 
Now after my holiday in Havana I can say that beside my salsa knowledge I got a new family and a lot of good friends. Something I never dreamed about it when I planned my trip to Cuba.
I will be back in Havana in June and July and I hope I will be able to take more salsa lection with Salsabor a Cuba teachers.
Thank you guys for everything and see you soon

Reviewed March 6, 2015 by Ulrike F (visited January 2015)
I took 10 hours of dancing lessons, 5 hours ladie's style and 5 hours salsa. I have been dancing salsa for years and taken many classes, also in Cuba, but it is the first time that I am more than 100% satisfied. The organization ist perfect, the teachers fantastic and very patient and structured, always on time and sooo nice and charming. I certainly will take dancing classes next year when I will be back in Havana.

Excellent dance classes - fun but informative”
Reviewed March 5, 2015 by Ellen B (visited February 2015)
The classes I had with Salsabor a Cuba were good fun and informative. The teachers were professional and tailored the classes to meet my needs. I would definitely recommend this dance school.

”Great teachers, great experience”
Reviewed January 22, 2015 by Krihsanah S (visited January 2015)
With a background in L.A.-style salsa, I wanted to learn the Cuban version. I took 14 hours of class in 7 days, of which 10 salsa and 4 bachata. The teacher Joel was very punctual, patient and strict in a good way. There were always other students (mainly from Europe) who were also taking classes, so it was really easy to get to know people and make friends to go out dancing with. The teachers often came along and always knew where to go.
When I booked (three days in advance) I got a prompt reply in good English, and the teachers and Yaliuska were really flexible. It was no problem if you decided to change the dance you wanted to learn or the time you wanted to have class. There were always multiple teachers present. The school is also centrally located, but in a more quiet street behind touristy Obispo street. The rooms can get pretty warm though. Overall I feel like I learned a lot, the teachers are very professional and good. Even for advanced dancers this school is a great option, in Europe you would pay so much more.

”Enjoyable experience ”
Reviewed January 13, 2015 by alammadi
Exercising while listening to salsa music and learning cool dancing steps are so much fun and making you living the real culture of Havana. The trainers are very friendly and cool.

”Excellent Salsa classes!!”
Reviewed January 11, 2015 by Ronald R (visited January 2015)
The learning method is really good and the teachers are very patient and work with professionalism. I highly recommend SalsaSabor to learn latin dances in La Habana...

”Time of my life”
Reviewed January 10, 2015 by mgdfit (visited December 2014)
Had a great time at Salsabor, I've learned more in 14 lessons than I would have in months in London. Nice studio for Havana standards, great location in non touristy street but very close to everything. What makes this place really special though are the teachers. Not only professional and passionate but also super friendly. I missed the school when I went travelling through Cuba, I miss it now I'm in London. Wish I could stay longer.

Reviewed December 14, 2014 by Pála Ögn S (visited October 2014)
I stayed in Havana for one month and had salsa lessons 2 hours a day nearly every day with my teacher Joel. I learned a lot of salsa there and we also did some Bachata classes. My teacher was really professional and I had to do everything 100% right otherwise he would stop me and correct me and I really had to get the figure before we learned a new one. I also went out a lot to dance salsa and most of the time met most of the teachers there. I learned a lot of salsa and also somethings about salsa that you can’t learn anywhere else than in Cuba.
The school is really well located. It's on Oprapía which is the street next to Obispo the big shopping street in downtown Havana. I liked it because the school is not really located on a touristic street which makes it interesting to walk but tough its really nearby everything.
I really like the school, you don't just learn how to dance there. I also made a lot of friends and experienced the cuban culture and practised my spanish. Most of them talk good english but I needed to practise my spanish so Joel my salsa teacher always let me talk spanish and corrected and helped me. They are also really helpful if you need information or help with something. All the salsa teacher came such a good friends to me. I really liked hanging out with them after or before class. Just sitting on the street with cuban friends, watching people pass by and drinking rom all from one glass that was passed around, I loved it!
They even held 2 party's for me, one when I had finished my last class. Because then I went traveling around Cuba for 3 weeks. And then another one my last night in Cuba before I left. They even bought a cake for me that had written on it "Para Pála de Salsabor". I really look forward going back to Havana and kiss and hug them all!

”It was a great adventure. This experience has changed me.”
Reviewed October 2, 2014 by Malgorzata B (visited September 2014)
19 days, 18 nights, 58 hours of dancing lessons and much more on evenings, thousands of steps, dozen liters of water drunk and exchanged into nearly the same amount of sweat :) - these are statistics of my holidays in Havana with Salsabor Cuba.
But there is something much more important besides: people there and the atmosphere. After 3-4 days I started to spend my whole day at school: between my lessons and afterwards. I can’t speak Spanish at all, but many teachers know English, so communication was good.
About half of my dancing lessons were salsa classes with Jekson The King of Salsa. Great dancer and excellent teacher. Patient, sometimes we did the same move many times and he didn’t allow me to step in a wrong way. I don’t know how he knew – he looked at my face not my feet all the time :) I got a lot of confidence with dancing salsa. He teached me a lot. Esso!
The next in a row is Daymara, my lady styling teacher. Very tough on lessons. First hours was like blood, sweat and tears. Daymara did her best to teach me how to move smooth and sexy. For me it was the hardest time on dancing. Now, after I’m back home and go for dancing I started to use the moves she teached me and other ladies in the club are jealous ;) Thank you Daymara, I hope I will have a pleasure to have some more lessons with you in the future.
Chichi - guru of rumba :) I tried to learn rumba, after I saw how people on Cuba love this dance. Chichi dance with body and soul and really feels it. My advice is to take not more than 1 hour at a time – I couldn’t move my legs after first 2 hours and I barely walked on whole next day ;) Rumba is very tribal and comes from the heart. So much passion in so simple steps.
I took 2 reggaeton lessons with Lisandra. She is another great teacher in this school. If she lived somewhere outside Cuba, she would be probably dance with R&B stars. She teached me some easy but good looking steps I can use while in discotheque.
If you think about bachata or kizomba and you have never tried them before, ask for teacher Luis Angel. He was the best to show me how sensual are those moves. Dancing with him was a treat for all my senses :)
It was my pleasure to have some lessons with Chino. 1 hour with him was like 10 hours in my home town. He showed me many little, but important things to make my dancing more beautiful.
I met also other teachers, especially Dayme and Joel, I didn’t have lessons with them but seen them teaching. I am sure I would be the same pleased if they teached me.
All of the teachers are very talented and dance with a lots of passion.
Special thanks for Yaliuska, who managed all my lessons and kept order in the school.
I stayed in 2 rooms apartment which was recommended by Salsabor School – details can be found on the website. Apartment was comfortable, regularly cleaned and equipped with all necessary tools in a bathroom and kitchen. 10 minutes walking to the school, 1 minute to Cathedral Square. Paco, the owner, was really helpful at the beginning: picked me up from the airport and showed me the basic about money, shops, food and going around. If I come again, I will definitely book the same place.
I’m at home over 1 week now, but in mind I’m still in Havana. I miss my quickly morning runs to school, my lessons, time spent with teachers who became friends. It is like I was traveling in time to the past, to the age without Facebook and smartphones in every pocket. Time, where all of us was sitting, chatting, laughing with each other, instead of using tablets for everything.
I hope I will be able to go there again. I feel like I left a piece of me in Havana.

”Dance Fever”
Reviewed September 19, 2014 by LenaRy (visited September 2014)
I loved dancing at Salsabor dance school! I mostly had private Salsa lessons with Jekson, who was an excellent teacher. I really liked the fact that he did not only care for the right steps but also for the right posture, he tried to teach me how to dance like a real Cuban woman :-) he danced very clearly so i always new exactly what figure i had to dance, which i consider very important.
At the end i had a Bachata lesson with Chino, who is a brilliant dancer and also an excellent teacher. He showed me step by step how to dance Bachata and how to move my hips properly :-P I would have loved to do some more Bachata lessons with him, but unfortunately i had to leave for Germany.
Not only Chino and Jekson but also all the other teachers at "Salsabor a Cuba" were very friendly and the atmosphere in general was amazing. I can highly recommend this dance school!

”Chino best salsa teacher”
Reviewed September 11, 2014 by Vallach (visited August 2014)
Professional, patient, dynamic and always make enjoyable time even if we are not professional .
I really appreciate and have great experience, i love salsa now and i want come back again to learn more ...great job!
If you stay in Havana no lose time to look only around, learn something interesting and happy like salsa ,for sure you will never regret!

”Excellent school, friendly staff!”
Reviewed September 10, 2014 by Clinton C (visited September 2014)
I spent quite a bit of time with Chino and the Salsabor Cuba staff and students and had a blast!
The manager, Chino, in particular is an excellent dancer and speaks English very well, as does Marion. Some of the instructors not so much but interpreters are available.
The school I attended was well appointed and nicely decorated. Tile floor but that is the best you can expect in Cuba.
I took my instructor, Dayme out of her comfort zone and into new realm of ballroom dance, with rumba and cha cha and like the pro she is, she rose to the challenge. She is an excellent dancer, very friendly as are all the staff and we enjoyed a very high level of dancing.
I danced with her in the evenings at various places and this service is also excellent. You can hire an instructor as a dance partner for the evening for $25CUC including both your entrance to Hotel Florida, the hottest place to dance in Havana without a doubt and two drinks. We danced from 9pm to 1am each night and I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing, the school staff and pupils. It was an excellent service and much appreciated.
I highly recommend this school. I am an advanced dancer and they met my needs, I saw them dance mostly with beginners with whom they are kind and gentle and the best of instructors...

Reviewed July 25, 2014 by elise_ankersen (visited July 2014)
I took 3 intensive weeks of classes (mainly salsa, lady styling and ballet) at Salsabor a Cuba, and I'm really happy and satisfied with the experience. The teachers are AMAZING and the staff is very friendly and service minded. The school has a great location, in the heart of Habana, and the prices are decent for the quality you'll receive. I would highly recommend this school to everyone who's considering taking dancing classes at Cuba!

”Great Salsa lessons... school highly recommended”
Reviewed August 3, 2014 by 2013abo, Zurich, Switzerland (visited July 2014)
With some Cuban salsa background from Europe we wanted to attend intensive private salsa classes in Havana and as it turned out chose surely one of the best schools. Booking prior to our trip was easy with great communication and all questions answered quickly. We had 2 hours x 5 days. The classes where adjusted to our needs and included musicality and also ladies style on our request. The teachers are amazing with more than professional knowledge and want to teach as much as possible… the reason for us not learning even more was only our personal limit.
Location is great, in Old Havana, very close to shops and all attractions. The dancing room has a fan and huge mirror. We really would recommend this school to anyone. Prices reasonable. 
Make sure that you ask the teachers to dance SON for you. It was gorgeous.
Check out the videos on youtube:
Ladies Style (basic):

”Salsa for everybody”
Reviewed June 21, 2014 by Heidi G (visited April 2014)
Great fun in Habana
Dancing classes was not the first thing that came to my mind when we were planning a trip to Cuba. Openminded, but not too eager, I attended salsaclasses with my colleguas. It turned out to be great fun. Solid, professional teacher and well situated lokalities suited for small groups. Learning with one teacher per pupil didn't make room for idle work. Resulting in 10 effective hours during 5 days in Habana.
Always a treat to pick up new skills. Even skills you never thought of having. Thanks to the good teachers of Salsabor and persuading colleguas I now know how to dance salsa and is truly inspired to learn more when opportunity comes again. And I surely wouldt mind if that would be in Havana once more!

”Can highly recommend!”
Reviewed June 14, 2014 by Meri571, Helsinki, Finland (visited May 2014)
Great dance lessons with professional but fun dance teachers in a perfect location in the heart of old Havanna!

”High-quality professional teaching”
Reviewed May 3, 2014 by Päivi P
Chino is the best teacher I have ever had. He is demanding and is correcting all the time. That kind of teaching I like. He is the first teacher who made me understand how I must work with my muscles when standing legs out turned. He didn't let me do any movement in wrong way but corrected immediately or required more. I'm a professional dance teacher in my own country and I highly recommend this school for everybody!

”Top notch salsa instruction!”
Reviewed April 19, 2014 by RagniO, Tromso, Norway (visited April 2014)
My friends persuaded me to join them for salsa lessons during our stay in Havana and I'm very glad they did, because I can honestly say dancing at Salsabor is my favourite memory from Cuba. The instructors are very skilled and we vere able to progress quickly while having a lot of fun, and looking forward to our lessons as the highlight of every day in Havana!
We also took lessons elsewhere during our journey around Cuba, but found that Salsabor had by far the best teachers and most efficient and fun style of teaching, so we eventually returned to Havana sooner than planned for a few extra sessions with them. Special thanks to my talented and patient teacher Nico - he did a great job!
Highly recommended, and I hope to return in the future!

”Salsa with style!”
Reviewed April 15, 2014 by Teodora P (visited March 2014)
As I wanted to learn some cuban salsa "from the source" while I was in Havana for a week, I can definitely say Salsabor a Cuba was the best choice for me! Not only me and my friend had a lot of fun during the 12 classes we took, but at the same time they were led very professionally by Chino (the owner) and Nico! Thank you guys for your patience, talent and the positive energy you gave us! You are great, keep it up!:). Hope to see u soon!

”Great fun”
Reviewed March 20, 2014 by Arja K (visited March 2014)
Taking salsa lessons at Salsabor a Cuba was definitely one of the best things on my holiday. All the teachers I met were fun people and awesome dancers and most importantly great teachers. Special thanks to my teacher Chino, the owner of Salsabor, who was very patient and corrected the mistakes I made over and over again.
As a beginner I took 7 hours of lessons and I feel I already learned a lot. Even after so little practice I could go out to have fun and dance some salsa - dancing in the Havana nights is also a must! My salsa story has continued after returning home and the next time I go to Havana, I will for sure return to Salsabor for more lessons. Thanks, you are great! :) -Arja-

”Fantastic and fun!”
Reviewed February 24, 2014 by Ann-Kathrin_v-Rappe
I had a great time at Salsabor, I had 7 days with 2 hour each day and learn a lot- thanks to my great teacher Yosbel and Chino,the owner, this is a good reason to stay in Havana, the only bad thing was that times fly away so fast, but be sure.. I will be back and learn more :)

”Very good salsa classes in Havanna”
Reviewed February 11, 2014 by Tachita75 (visited January 2014)
On my last trip to Cuba I took some salsa lessons at the school Salsabor a Cuba in Havanna.
Because I have some years of experience in Salsa dancing it is not so easy finding a nice school with good teachers, who know how to treat students with some experience in Salsa. But at this school I took lessons with Chino and he could help me improve my style and movements. I am really excited about this good school and I can highly recommend taking lessons with all of the teachers at Salsabor a Cuba, either beginner and advanced dancers.
Thanks a lot especially to Chino for the nice lessons and the good time during my stay in Havana.
I will for sure coming back soon….

”Magic dance”
Reviewed January 20, 2014 by fann d (visited December 2013)
Hi, I spent ten hours with Chino & Nico, Curi for my boyfriend ;)
Good time with nice people, if you train you can progress really fast.
In other words, no regrets. Only one, to not stay training with them !
Ciao and thkx again

”Just excellent!”
Reviewed January 13, 2014 by ThaisBassinello (visited January 2014)
I took private lessons at the school 1 or 2h a day for a week. I was quite impressed by my improvement. The instructor would correct me a lot, so I really felt I was learning and not just going by instinct. Plus, it was a lot of fun, especially when I was with two other friends (each one dancing with an instructor all the time) - by the end of the class, we'd do a quick rueda de casino and that was just great. They have 4 female and 4 male instructors, so it's easy to arrange a group class. The location is great, the studio has atmosphere (it's in someone's living room, and the owner of the house if very nice too!), the instructors were always on time, and the price is good. Approved!

”Great teachers, great location”
Reviewed December 16, 2013 by Richie K (visited September 2013)
I remember seeing the teachers from Salsabor out dancing (before even knowing they were teachers) and thought they were amazing dancers.
Later I went to party at their school and was just blown away by everything they could do especially their Rueda de Casino.
Everyone there is super friendly and makes you feel really welcome in Havana.
To top it all off, the school is located in the heart of old Havana, surrounded by some incredible historical streets. Go there.

”Excellent and professional classes”
Reviewed November 28, 2013 by Nadine H
I can recommend this school and especially Chino as personal dancing-teacher for 100%. He´s very patient and explains the things you have to learn and improve again and again. Fascinating is that he notices and feels also the little, little mistakes you make. I learned a lot and could improve my style so that now I´m feeling more safe. THANKS a lot!

”Excellent Salsa dancing experience”
Reviewed November 20, 2013 by Akkiki2013
I have had 1:1 private salsa classes with dance instructor Chino and I am very thankful for all he taught me.
My dancing style improved so much since I came back from Cuba. And this is mainly thanks to Chino. He criticized me a lot and was very patient in showing me all steps, basic movements and turns even up to the smallest details and practiced everything with me over and over again until I finally did it right. He has a great dedication and passion for dancing and I can warmly recommend him as a salsa teacher!